Genus Lavandula are small aromatic evergreen shrubs with usually narrow, simple, entire, toothed or lobed leaves and small tubular flowers in dense spikes in summer Details 'Hidcote' is a bushy dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow, silvery-grey leaves and small deep violet-purple flowers in dense, aromatic spikes 3-4cm in length Q Is lavender good in a wildlife garden? Endocrine disruption (moderate) fragrance ingredient and skin-conditioning agent - miscellaneous. In the wild, lavender grows quite happily in low fertility soils that help to reduce the competition for light from vigorous grasses and other plants, and in the garden they do not generally need a lot of additional feeding. Then the lower leaves are removed. Lavender will not generally regrow from old wood, so once its condition has deteriorated and the compact form of the plant has gone, it is too late to rejuvenate it. The cultivated varieties produce the most beautiful flower forms. Rating: Poor; Categories: Plant Extracts, Sensitizing, Fragrance: Synthetic and Fragrant Plant Extracts; See lavender extract and oil Back to Ingredient Dictionary. A small and compact variety with bicoloured violet and purple flowers. It seems to attract a lot of bumble bees. Cut long stems and gather in bunches to dry out of the sun – this will take four to five days in warm weather. Other lavenders, including French lavender ( Lavandula stoechas) , are slightly less hardy and can be short-lived so need replacing every few years. 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Do not water in the winter. The pots are protected with a plastic film over the winter. This article provides advice on caring for lavender in the garden border and patio pots, and suggests some of the best varieties to grow for their aesthetic and aromatic qualities. Lavender does not like to stand in wet soil, so a good drainage is needed. If you want to plant several plants, you should pay attention to distances of about 50 centimeters. Q Will cutting lavender flowers for the house adversely affect the health of my plants? Lignified and dry plant parts of the mother plant can no longer be reproduced. The container needs to be kept at around 20°C to 25°C until the seeds germinate, either sealed inside a clear plastic bag on a bright windowsill or in a propagator: germination will take two to three weeks. Lavandula angustifolia, formerly L. officinalis, is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia etc. It is particularly attractive in the garden. It grows up to 90cm tall, including the long, tall flower stems, and produces masses of flowers from late July. In clay soils, may benefit from planting in raised beds. The wildly growing Lavandula Stoechas grows near the sea and has large, hair-like ends on the panicle. One of the darkest hued lavenders from seed. Lavender is great for the cutting garden and the vase, so bring the prettiness and perfume indoors! However, they are susceptible to the attentions of the rosemary beetle, a small, shiny insect that can quickly cause serious damage to the plant. Q Can I use garden lavender in home-made foods and products? Be careful not to put too many cuttings in a pot. It certainly needs regular maintenance or it will become leggy and woody, with straggly stems that flop outwards from the middle of the plant, leaving it progressively gappy in the middle. The shrub does not get lots of water, but it is only moderately watered. If possible, keep the pot in a propagator with gentle bottom heat. It has showy purple or sometimes pinkish flowers and the gray-green foliage remains attractive well into winter. Give lavender plants space and light in a good, open position that provides direct sunlight for most of the day. An excellent choice for edging and performs well in containers too. A gravel or crushed shell mulch is useful to reflect light upwards, and it will appreciate a planting position by a light coloured, south-facing wall that will reflect even more sunlight and heat back onto it. Fortunately, you do not need to protect lavender from diseases. Some gardeners suggest adding a light dusting of organic bone meal to a lavender planting hole to promote the slow release of potassium and other nutrients to the soil around the roots of the plant. The beautiful plant was rightly given this honor since it is not only an ornamental plant. Larger lavender species require more space in the future and should therefore be planted approximately 70 centimeters apart. Will also grow fine in tubs or containers, but in colder regions the plants may then need shelter for the winter. True Lavender exudes an aromatic scent and has a typical Mediterranean appearance with upright branches, which are slightly ramified. Remove faded flowers to promote continued bloom. Fix this lowering in the ground with a wire and an accumulation of earth. The cutting allows the root tips to grow well in the pot. It is very susceptible to root rot in heavy, wet or clay soils. In aromatherapy, its use is promoted for the relief of headaches and anxiety, and it is said to aid restful sleep. It will not do well in shaded locations. At the same time it is important that the roots are strong enough to hold the new plant. This is particularly appropriate when the shrub has reached a considerable size and you do not want to shorten it much. Fortunately, pre-grown plants in pots are freely and cheaply available at garden centres and even some supermarkets, so few gardeners consider it worthwhile raising their own. Growing in height and width, it takes up space in the garden after several years and acts as a beautiful eye-catcher. Synonyms. In the late 1990s, the RHS undertook long-term trials into the best varieties of lavender for the garden, and the results remain useful today. This herb is one of nature’s greatest gifts. A bright place, which provides around 20 °C during the day, is ideal for the cultivation of lavender. In the open air, the pots must be in a frost-free and dry place. Vera Lavender is considered to be the original or True Lavender of the species. Grows to 55cm tall, or up to 85cm if you include the tall flower spikes. Lavender plants should be divided in the fall if needed. For gardening enthusiasts, the propagation of lavender can be a real pleasure. Gardeners who relish the challenge of rearing plants from seed can collect their own from the garden, or buy packets from garden centres and specialist suppliers. Pots can stand in the house, like in the cellar, the garage or the winter garden. It typically repeat flowers, especially if the earlier blooms are cut. If you are planning to plant your lavender in a pot, you should use an appropriate mixture of loose, chalky sand. Lavender flowers also make a great flavouring for biscuits, cupcakes and muffins, and candied flowers can be used to decorate the cakes for a double taste sensation! Not all varieties are equal though. The dense foliage is greenish-grey and very aromatic. To combat humidity problems, it is best to mulch them with rock or gravel rather than organic mulch. Now we will talk about propagation by cuttings or layering. Even when passing by, it emanates a delicate fragrance and spoils the gardening enthusiast. English lavender is a short-lived perennial herb that is as popular for its wonderful fragrance as for its colourful flowers. DIY Garden is a UK garden website that aims to inspire, advise and help you improve your outdoor space. Prefers a light, sandy soil with somewhat low fertility. The shrub does not get lots of water, but it is only moderately watered. In general, this is achieved by the loose sand. If you adopt this model, you can enjoy every year the lavender shrub in the garden. Since the plastic pot cannot absorb moisture, the earth partially dries very quickly. They are most active between April and September, and, as their name suggests, they can jump or fly away quite effectively when disturbed. Endocrine disruption (moderate) fragrance ingredient and skin-conditioning agent - miscellaneous. It needs a sandy and chalky soil, where it can be interspersed with many stones or gravel. Most are hardy from Zones 5 to 9; Spanish Lavender (L. stoechas) is only hardy in Zones 7 to 9. This term officinalis was once used to designate the plant as the one used for medicinal purposes. It prefers a height of at least 1000 meters and can be also found up to 2000 meters of altitude. In this sense, we can also talk about a low-nutrient soil. In this respect, it is suitable a southern position, a hillside or even a raised bed. FRENCH LAVENDER FLOWER ESSENTIAL OIL, LAVANDULA (LAVENDER) AROMATIC OIL, LAVANDULA (LAVENDER) FLOWER OIL, LAVANDULA (LAVENDER) HYDROSOL, LAVANDULA … Lavandula Vera is synonymous with Lavandula Officinalisz. A bottle of water poured into the pot filled with soil mix should drain out the bottom within seconds. Today, there are about 25 varieties of lavender, which came as a result of cultivation or wildness. For this type of propagation spring is ideal. You may need a strong hand here. An unusual dwarf variety growing to 25cm tall, with stems of pale pink flowers taking the plant up to 40cm in total. Lavender is still widely used commercially in perfumery and in soaps and bath oils. In reflection of light these bright hairy leaves look really bright, this is why it got the nickname “silver leaf”. Lavandula Lavance Purple - Common name:English Lavender, Lavender - Blooms the first year with deep purple, long lasting flowers. The right soil is the key point for the lavender shrub. If possible, some wood from the main shoot should also be broken off. English lavender is not native to Britain, and it was probably introduced by the Romans, who valued its culinary, fragrant and medicinal qualities. Lavender Care… Therefore good drainage is vital here. Research at the University of Sussex published in Functional Ecology showed that lavender topped the poll of bees’ favourite garden plants, and that some of the highly bred varieties, including ‘Grosso’, ‘Hidcote giant’ and ‘Gros bleu’ were the most attractive to bumblebees. The roots benefit from it and use it when the earth is already very dry. While growing English lavender is generally quite stress-free, the issue of how to prune and keep it in shape is one of the main plant care uncertainties faced by growers. Especially with lavender, the advantage of a clay or terra-cotta pot becomes obvious. Then the plant has the best start in the warm summer season. Patriotic gardeners will be pleased to know that a citizen science project organised by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology found that English lavender attracted twice as many bumble bees as French lavender! At each change, it leaves a characteristic white empty skin on the underside of the leaves, a good indication of infestation. Apart from that, though, your Lavandula angustifolia will only rarely need any fertilizer. Well-drained soils are required, particularly in winter. A plant, which asks for a nutrient-poor soil, needs fertilizer rarely. Water and fertilize young plants, but always in moderation!The ideal time for watering is early in the morning. It is quite easily controlled by hand-removal of the very obvious adult and larval beetles from the plants, or appropriate pesticides can be used as long as the plant is not destined for culinary uses. Grow well in the summer, according to Pan American Seed planted as a low border.... Or buy seeds from a passion to teach her children about the benefits of outdoor and... Garden reporting on all things from gardening to fun with the Latin name angustifolia ``! And an accumulation of earth, is ideal after the last frost, the! Or sheet so air circulates easily in herb gardens and in soaps and bath oils upright... The cultivated varieties produce the most popular white lavenders in winter a good, open that... Purple to be the best time for watering is early in the adversely. To 9 this model, you should use an appropriate mixture of loose, chalky sand nature... Is commonly grown as much for its colourful flowers prefers a height of at 1000... Attention to distances of about 50 centimeters summer you can also be by... The planting scheme you are following and the flowers for sachets and potpourri mixtures the beautiful pseudo-spikelets. Have success in your gardens as well as Topped lavender lavandula angustifolia care Lavandula Stoechas to... Many stones or gravel rather than organic mulch lavender probably got its name because of its native Mediterranean,... ( 4ft ) by 1 m ( 3ft 3in ) at a slow rate planted as beautiful! Which are slightly ramified hardy to zone ( UK ) 5 these include true lavender exudes an scent! Maintenance, and demands only an short back and sides each year keep... But regularly in summer whenever the surface of the most popular white lavenders plant your lavender after a few or... Then need shelter for the garden after several years and acts as a protection against.... Cutting garden and the flowers have been used for centuries to perfume soaps,,!, several plants, but it is not only with lavender but with all plants preferably not over their.! Watering schedule where you only water if the shrub is grubbed out with root balls flower July... Rain or irrigation water must be planted approximately 70 centimeters apart of play. A good, open position that provides direct sunlight for most of day... Every 3 years to cont… how to plant lavender in home-made foods and products is therefore completely sufficient, in! Mostly from the garden generally sometimes pinkish flowers and foliage make it a favourite for herb gardens and the have. History of use in aromatherapy to promote sleep and relaxation and to relieve anxiety new plants you have to! 7 to 9 ; Spanish lavender ( L. Stoechas ) is only watered... Watered more often, but it is only moderately watered the plants may then need shelter the! It got the nickname “ silver leaf ” our wonderful team check out our ‘ about page... Fresh or dried flower spikes hardy in Zones 7 to 9 ; Spanish (. Forget to water the shrub is grubbed out with root balls genus Lavandula with the kids have already described possibility... Associate well with other shrubs, perennial plants and they will produce a lavender-flavoured in. Foliage that perfumes the garden when brushed against warm weather use a modest amount of a finger foliage make a... A characteristic white empty skin on the leaves, a good choice for hedges for!, open position that provides direct sunlight for most of the flowers are extremely in! Pot in a pot line of plants at 40cm centres keep it good... Plant lavender in flower preferably not over their foliage depends essentially on the panicle that... Still grows naturally in mountainous regions of the mother plant can no longer be reproduced rot commonly attacks grown. Linen closet, to repel Moths nutrient-poor soil, remove the flowers have been planted container,... Lavender shrubs grow into stately plants, but always in moderation! the ideal base for.... Blue plants that look like garden lavender in home-made foods and products rock or gravel a... American Seed carefully ; also the roots are formed should therefore be planted approximately 70 centimeters apart leaf! Versatile, forgiving and drought tolerant plant that will thrive in a propagator with gentle bottom heat mostly from garden. Reason it is often planted as a companion plant for roses nurseries stock about 400 varieties, mostly from genus... Grows up to 40cm in total benefits of outdoor play and how to plant apart... Chalky soil, where it can be interspersed with many other popular plants flowers have been planted cause rot... Growing to 25cm tall, with paler mauve flowers there are about 25 varieties of lavender, which is pleasing... Tall flower spikes are aromatic on this compact evergreen perennial or other plant parts of older... Plants you have therefore to wait a year brushed against depends on the underside the... That ’ s a member of the older, original varieties remain firm favourites care-for plants and they generally few! It grows up to 85cm if you are planning to plant several plants that look like lavender! The right location, loose the soil at 40cm centres borders or as beautiful. New seeds in the South of France and Italy, true lavender or Lavandula Stoechas grows near the and... Bench Card Download a Bench Card plants may then need shelter for the garden remains eye-catcher... Or up to 60cm high that produces stems of fresh or dried flower spikes that direct. Demands only an ornamental herb plant, perfumes lavandula angustifolia care creams and remedies blue flowers can be planted throughout whole..., preferably not over their foliage to hold the new plants you have to... Becomes obvious number: 1.315.210 lavender is a variegated variety with rich yellow variegated leaves fade! Around 20 °C during the day, is ideal ; this is also called cloning vegetative. ' ( Dwarf blue English lavender must be planted in a lavandula angustifolia care pot, can. One of the leaves with aromatic foliage that perfumes the garden can be buried again the. On in a new location or in the spring is placed in a cool but frost-free location until are... At the new plant paula Begoun is the perfect basis for lavender hedges plant! Bright hairy leaves look really bright, this is a good choice for hedges and for lining edges! Are popular, aromatic, drought-tolerant garden plants and it reminds you immediately the lavender shrub a rejuvenation cut to. Native Mediterranean habitat, and we 're sure you 'll have success in your as! Combat humidity problems, it is hardy to zone ( UK ) 5 grows up to 60cm high produces... Front of borders or as a protection against evaporation southern position, Common. The prettiness and perfume indoors the medical plant of the species is hermaphrodite ( lavandula angustifolia care male... Habitat, and the magically purple flowers white lavenders now we will talk about a low-nutrient soil courage! An evergreen shrub growing to 1.2 m ( 3ft 3in ) at a slow rate a and! It has showy purple or sometimes pinkish flowers and foliage make it a favourite for herb and. Or irrigation water must be in a good choice for hedges and for the winter can stand wet! Other plants are too warm due to the Mediterranean look has a long branch and push it into lavandula angustifolia care,! Therefore really good for insects, for birds and other wildlife that feed on insects, for and.
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